05 July 2011

Sad June 29, 2011 for Davao

The people of Davao should have been in the event of merry-making that day of June 29 because it is actually Davao City's fiesta - the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Davao's patron saint. I personally should be overwhelmingly happy myself because my parents are here to celebrate my Dad's birthday also happening that day.

However, despite our scheduled activities for the day in celebration of Dad's birthday (we all heard mass as a family, dined on a buffet restaurant, and watched a movie on 3D altogether), I just can't help but think about the sad events happening on that very day.

On that afternoon of June 29, there was an accident that happened along the corners of McArthur Highway and Cuyugan Avenue in Matina where a 6-wheeler dump truck allegedly lost its brakes that hit a Suzuki multicab, a bus, and a taxi. It was like a domino effect when it happened. There were four casualties and a lot were injured who were then brought to nearby hospitals. It was really a saddening event that afternoon.

That night of June 29, rain poured so heavily causing flash floods along Matina and Bangkal areas. I could personally not believed at first that it happened because it's the first time in my existence that it has ever occurred in the city. I knew some friends who reside in those flood-stricken areas and yes, flood did invade their homes. Hearing their stories make me feel sad because some will gonna be starting from scratch again.

As of this writing, rescue operations are still ongoing. Since it happened and until today, I continuously pray to GOD to always keep us safe from any harm and calamities.

GOD, please give us a safe Davao and a safe Philippines.

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