15 July 2011

Overly-Concerned Tita

I got this one and only niece in this world and I've loved her like any other kids ever since she was born. I nursed her as a kid. I became her nanny, her playmate, and even acted like her own teacher/mother when we're together. 0-5 years old, she lived under the care of my parents but things have fallen apart between her parents, making her be apart from us. Twas one of the most painful experiences we used to have. There was never a time during those early years of separation from her when I found myself crying whenever I think about my niece and her future. I admit, we're emotionally struggling and we're hurt (because of deprivation) when we less see her but we can't do anything because her "boss" rules over her.

Lately, the family has gone startled. She told us she'd quit schooling because her "boss" told her so. Who wouldn't have been hurt again? Being a smart kid, we knew she deserves to be educated coz we believe she's gonna create a name someday. But look what "her boss" has done unto her? I don't want her to succumb on false hopes. I don't want her to be frustrated. She has the right to be given a proper education.

Right now, communication seems hard between us and my beloved niece. I just wish she's safe. I just wish she'd be treated nicely. And I just wish she's not deprived of anything in this world. I just love her so much, that's why I'm overly concerned about her right now.

Lord God, I lift up everything to You. Please keep her safe.
I just love her so much.

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Cathy Kennedy said...

It's a pleasure to read your answers to Janet's questions.

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