17 July 2011

A Godmother to Jillianne :D

Today, I became a godmother to a beautiful baby who happens to be the daughter of a dear friend. Again, for the nth time, I pledged and vouched to guide my goddaughter as she grows up. The celebration took place at San Pablo Parish along Juna Subdivision here in Davao City.

Being invited to be a godmother will always be an honor to me. Not all are given the privilege to stand as a godparent. A godparent's role is never about the gift a godchild has to receive on his birthdays or on Christmas Holidays, but rather it is merely about being the light, the guide, the adviser of a godchild as he/she grows to be a worthy man on earth.

To my "Inaanak", Jillianne M., I welcome you to the Christian World!:D

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