16 July 2011

Back To Working Out!:D

Yes! You've read it right. I'm back to working out once again after more than a year of not going to the gym. Well, I was once a member of Holiday Gym and Spa a year ago at an affordable cost but when my membership expired after three months, I wasn't able to renew it. I only resort to HipHop Abs at home. When our DVD player got wrecked, I didn't have any choice but to stop. That started with me feeling guilty for not being able to work out once again, plus the fact that I've been eating a lot (again!).

A month ago, a friend of mine invited me to try it out again this time. Without further ado, I got convinced. Now, I am working out again at BeeFit in Quirino Avenue. I didn't get the membership though. I am on a per session basis.

Now that I'm working out once again, I just really feel so good physically! Gym-ing (if there's a term such as that) has become a part of my routine. I only get to visit the gym like twice or thrice a week but it still does me any good. Even if I really feel so tired and feel like working out, I really manage to hit the gym by all means. Well, I just hope this doesn't change as days go by.:D

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