01 June 2011

Into the Blue: A Beach Getaway with my Bestest Pals :D

Still on the verge of regaining physical strength because of my 3-day Bohol 2011 trip on the first week of March, I was notified a few days after that another anticipated 'escapade' with my bestest pals will be taking place on the 10th of March. This is actually a friend's 'beach treat' who just got home from Kuwait and wants to spend time with us.

Again, it was hurriedly planned out and I took charge of the booking and reservation while their assignment is the food that we will be bringing there. It really took an ample of my time contacting resorts we had on the list. Finally, after getting a 2nd opinion from my other friend, we opted to stay at Blue Waters Beach Resort located in Samal Island and had our reservation.

Last March 10, 2011, off we went to Blue Waters!
A friend who took charge of the food (we got a caterer for this!), along with his wife and his kids, took the alternative route of taking a cab from Davao City to Blue Waters Beach Resort, via ferry (through a barge). One tip: there's no corkage for food if route of entry is through the back entrance, the reason why alternative route was taken. Since our friend wanted to ride a ferry while witnessing the blue waters along Davao to Samal route, we directly went to the ferry terminal. Before we finally stepped on the boat, Blue Waters personnel had to confirm our reservation first by calling the resort itself. While waiting, we took some pics!

After all the verifications, we're good to go!;)
These are the pics taken as we proceed to the jetty and during our boat-ride:

We arrived at the resort past 4.30pm and immediately went to the reception area. The staff is friendly enough to take us to our booked accommodation.;) We got the Garden Room (a big room that can get us all in!), an airconditioned room with private t/b, with 8 double decked beds at 4k/night. Here, take a look at the pics as we got inside:

Leaving our bags behind, we immediately surveyed the place before sunset. We passed through the garden until we get to see what I'd been curious about --> the resort's Infinity Pools facing the ocean!:D The view is really great!

Dinner came next for hungry souls like us!

...and we drank, sang, and danced the night away!:D

The next day, we made most of the time swimming - getting in touch with the pool and the beach!

The entire experience is really superb - just one of the highlights as we celebrate friendship through the years!:D We went home bringing happy memories with us!:D

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