08 May 2011

Thank You God For Giving Mom Into My Life!;)

Since the day I was born, I've already been thankful to mom for the gift of life, for bringing me out into this world. As years went by, I was never deprived of the love a mother can have to her child. Now that I'm already a grown up, still my mom's love for me has never changed. In fact, it has grown more deeply as we continually talk about life in general. The more years added into my life, the more I appreciate the bonding moments I shared with my mom and with the whole family as well. If I could choose an award for her, it would a 'Supermom' award cos she's in fact a supermom not only to us but also to everyone.

To my Mom on Mother's Day, I have this to say:

Happy Mother's Day to a teacher, a leader, a religious advocate, an adviser, a person w/ great humility, a good role model, a born-fighter, a listener, a great wife 2 my Dad, & a supermom for the 3 of us, all of which are rolled into one=my beloved Mama Babie!:) Thank you so much for loving us unconditionally & for consistently reminding us that we are your precious gems money can't buy. 'love you so much Ma!=)

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