20 May 2011

Realizations (Again!)

Photo Credits: reynaelena.com

I've got some realizations (again!) recently and THIS TIME, I hope it's gonna be a different thing - that I won't ever be looking back again on this.

The past few days, I submerged myself into discernment. I got a LOOOOOTTT of thoughts with me. Gathering all those, I've realized that I'm always putting myself into a loosing end when it comes to my personal issue with one person I used to treasure. Weighing on some facts, it generally told me that I did spend too much patience on it.

Getting an unsolicited advice from a man's point of view made me realized everything. I mean, he's really right to tell me that I should stop making that someone feel special when I don't get something in return. I've later gave some thoughts of what he's been telling me and yeah, he's right at that extent.

For now, I'm still on my trying moments. I hope I can finally realized everything and give a boost on myself more.

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