07 May 2011

Finally, New Uniforms For Me!;)

In the hospital facility where I'm currently working, we're required to use our hospital nurse uniform being released by the Chief Nurse Office. The office did encourage to submit uniform style suggestions from the whole nursing population before they finally choose the style being chosen by the majority. This year, after more than two years of wearing our now old uniform, we're down to one great uniform style being posted near our bundy clock. The style is okay with a great embroidery on its sleeve. Whether I like it or not, I really should have myself this new uniform as part of our hospital protocol. Well, finally I'd be having my new uniform again which will be worn for two years!;)

After talking to some friends as to where their uniforms were made, I finally opted to have my uniforms done with a reliable dressmaker who also made my friends' hospital uniform. Last week, I met the dressmaker and she got my measurements. I am much excited bout this uniform because she mentioned she'll have my pants in a boot-leg style. What made me decide to settle with this dressmaker is the fact that she made uniforms at an affordable price. Well I can't wait to finally get my new set of uniforms come Sunday and wear them next week!;) By the way, I've some male colleagues who find it hard to look for tailors who can make male uniforms. What I did suggest to them is to check on http://www.blueskysrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Men so they could get an idea how their uniforms would be like. After all, there's no standard uniform for males in the facility we're in.

What more can I say? I'm just too excited to wear my uniform next week!

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