30 May 2011

Bohol-Cebu 2011 Escapade: Day 3

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After a very tiring but worthwhile Bohol Countryside Tour on our 2nd day in Bohol, we laid ourselves to rest in our comfortable accommodation at Darunday Manor, along Clarin Street in Tagbilaran City. We woke up with the sun already up in the sky. Since that day we're leaving from Bohol for Cebu City, we already packed our things up and made sure that everything's in place as we leave. At 11:00AM, we headed to Bohol Quality where we'll meet my godmother, Ninang D whom I've last met a year ago. She treated us for lunch in a restaurant named as "Payag". We spent time taking pics and had some time chatting.

Shortly after lunch, we went back to the hotel, settled our account, and went straight to the port via the hotel's port transfer. When we arrived at the port, we payed the terminal fees and the taxes and we settled ourselves inside the lounge, waiting for the fastcraft (Supercat) that will take us back to Cebu. 15 minutes before our slated departure time, the craft arrived and a few minutes before departure time, we're asked to get inside. We occupied the front seats and made ourselves comfortable. I personally got some quick naps during the whole course of the travel.

Past 4:00PM, we arrived in the Queen City of the South, Cebu City. This time, we're all by ourselves and we're not even familiar with the place (hahaha!). With our light baggage in hand, we confidently rode on a PUJ that will take us to SM City, where I'd be meeting my relatives. We took some long turns inside the vicinity of SM looking for their Passenger Lounge for our baggage until we finally got inside. We took some pictures while loitering at the mall. Finally, I was able to meet my relatives and dinner was free (yey!). It was indeed a sumptuous dinner at Golden Caurie inside SM City.

It was almost 10:00 PM when my relatives dropped us off somewhere near Osmena Circle to meet Julie's friend who will be with us in our Skywalk Adventure. Leaving our things on a boarding house, we headed to Crown Regency Hotel, took a ride via the elevator, until we reached 69th floor, where the adventure begins. I was actually palpitating because I'm afraid of heights but I was glad I was able to manage myself up there. We took the Skywalk Adventure, walking along the walls at the top, with our gears on. The view's really breathtaking and really beautiful having to witness wonderful Cebu City at night!;) It was really a dream come true for me being able to surpassed in the said challenge!;)

When the clock struck 1:00 AM, we immediately headed to the airport in Mactan. Since it's way too early and the check in counters were still closed, we looked for a place where we can comfortably rest. We checked in right away just as the counter opened at 4:00AM.

We arrived in Davao City past 6:00AM of March 4, 2011.
The entire 3-day escapade was great and we're filled with good memories to cherish for life!;)


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