12 April 2011


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I haven't blogged the past few days! Seems like time is so mean to me. I also took time to rest my right hand because it was sprained and I have to refrain from using the mouse while I'm online.

What kept me busy the past few days?
Well, duty on shifting skeds made me so busy! I also attended a friend's wedding last Friday before my graveyard shift. The next day was supposedly an off day but unfortunately, it was our unit outing/gathering and again, I packed my bags and stayed overnight with colleagues in a beach resort in Samal (which I'm gonna make a post sooner!). The next day, I was tasked again to report to work on an afternoon shift. That made me so stressed and exhausted! Hence, my inability to check on my blog for the past few days. However, I'd be blogging more about my side trips and anything that would surely be interesting. My apologies again but I promise I won't ever leave blogging.

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