13 April 2011

Bohol 2011 Escapade: The Plan & The Preparation

Photo Credits: chiefshepherd.com

This is another long overdue post since the escapade happened a month ago. However, this doesn't keep me from posting what I considered as very memorable to me. ;)

The Plan
I was actually surprised during the last quarter of 2010 when a friend told me to check on Cebu Pacific's 10.10.10 Seat Sale since there's a 10-peso seat sale in all domestic destinations. She mentioned that she's really very interested to visit Cebu and Bohol in 2011, hence, our interest to really get ourselves a discounted air fare through Cebu Pac's seat sale. Thank GOD and thanks to Cebu Pac cos we're able to get a round-trip Davao-Cebu-Davao flights for only P645 all-in. Being able to confirm our booked flights, we're really good to go and invade Cebu and Bohol from March 1-4, 2011.

The Preparation

I'm really a sucker for organized trips since I don't want to rush things on those very days during the travel and I don't want to spoil everything during the trip, thus the idea of planning out our itineraries and the possible hotels where we could stay. As a half-Boholana, my friends had me responsible for the whole itinerary of the said escapade. Being the resourceful "me", I gathered infos from all sources, mostly from the internet just so we'd be getting the total satisfaction in that upcoming 3-day escapade. Sometime during the 2nd week of January, I found a Facebook link from a friend named as Lovebohol Tours and immediately browsed on its Bohol Packages. Most are 3-day packages that includes the Panglao Tour, Countryside Tour, and the Island Hopping on the 3rd and last day. I made queries with manager/owner for a couple of times (and I was glad she's very patient the whole time), until I ended up having a customized itinerary with two tours (Panglao Tour and Countryside Tour minus the Island Hopping) and two night accommodations on our hotel/resort of choice at a very affordable package rate. On the 3rd week of January, downpayments were made on both our tour and accommodations and everything was all set for our Bohol 3-day Escapade including our Supercat accommodations which was patiently arranged by the tour coordinator/manager. I am greatly thankful to Maam Maaloha for all the assistance made in our preparations up to our tour days.;)

Preps done?
Watch out for my Bohol 2011 Escapade blog entries coming very soon!;)

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