04 May 2011

Bohol 2011 Escapade: Day 2

Becoming exhausted from our first day, plus the cool air inside our air-conditioned room in a quiet Dumaluan Beach Resort, made us slept roughly for about 5-6 hours. I was personally awakened on our 2nd day by my alarm clock that signaled me to take my daily pill. Upon seeing the room, I thought it was still dark at 6:05AM. When I got to check outside, the morning sunrise was already up. Lazily, I went back to where my spot was and cuddled my pillow again til my friends Julie and Ciara woke up. Since we'd be picked up by about 9:00AM on that day for our Bohol Countryside Tour, we hurriedly went out of the room and took time to feel the morning sunrise by the beach. We also found ourselves swimming under the not so sunny Panglao weather.

Panglao Island

It was already past 9:00AM when we checked out from the resort with Mang Ondoy of Lovebohol Tours patiently waiting for us. We payed the remaining balance for our accommodation then hit the road for the most awaited part of our adventure - the Countryside Tour!;) Riding on a very comfy Red Toyota Vios Car, I can't help but really appreciate Bohol houses as we went along on our road trip. Our first stop for this day's tour --> The Sandugo Monument which is located in Bool, still a part of Tagbilaran City. Just like other tourists, we just took some quick pics since Mang Ondoy wanted us to reach the 11:30 Buffet Lunch in Loboc which is still a few minutes drive.

Sandugo Marker

After staying for 10 minutes at Sandugo, we hit the road again on our way to Baclayon Church in Baclayon, Bohol. When we got there, we immediately got inside the church and get a glimpse of what's inside the old church. It's not my first time visit but I always find it a blissful experience whenever I'm there. Since I can't stay longer inside because I'm wearing a pair of shorts, we headed right away to the second level where the museum is located. It's so great to see religious items from long, long, ago being preserved inside. We're not able to take pics though because cam aren't allowed inside the premises of the museum. Before we left Baclayon church, we took the opportunity to take pics inside the church vicinity.

Baclayon Church

Since we wanted to arrive at Loboc River before 11:30AM, we headed to our next stop---> to visit Prony , a self-developed and well-trained phyton in Albur, Bohol. Believe me, it is the longest phyton my eyes had ever set at! During the time of our visit, Prony was sleeping and was visibly moving his body to move his bowel. We were told to get inside but because I do fear snakes (snakes of all sorts!), I dared not to get inside Prony's cage.

Prony in Albur

After visiting Prony in Albur, we drove our way to Loboc, to specifically visit Loboc River and to take our lunch at Loboc River's Floating Restaurant. With Mang Ondoy's assistance, we were able to reach the Loboc River right before 11:30AM. Mang Ondoy payed all the fees and we were ushered to Restaurant 1. Our stomachs were actually hungry at that time because we didn't take anything for breakfast. Seeing different dishes being served, we knew we were starving already. When the restaurant started to float (which was driven by a boat), we also started eating. Guess what? They got everything all-in! We feasted on crabs, chicken, veggies, and fruits while we enjoyed getting along with our river cruise traveling over Loboc river. When we're almost done eating, we stopped over a group of musicians near the river bank and we were entertained so well with their Boholano songs. They played ukuleles and even danced for us! These musicians got a warm applause from all the guests inside the restaurant. After the short entertainment, we were ushered back to the complex, got out of the restaurant, and prepared ourselves for our next stop --- the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.;)

Loboc River Cruise

It was actually Mang Ondoy's suggestion to go to Chocolate Hills first because of the foreseeable rainy weather in Carmen, where the Chocolate Hills is located. True enough, it rained while we we're still in Batuan, Carmen's neighboring town. When we reached the Chocolate Hills, it wasn't raining hard anymore. We immediately went up to the top having to climb to more than a hundred steps, thrown coins and rung the bells for our wishes, and took a lot of pics!;) Thank God, the rain already ceased when we're at the top. It was so surreal to be up at the top!

Chocolate Hills

Our next stop after visiting the majestic Chocolates Hills of Bohol is the Butterfly Conservation Center. This sanctuary houses different kinds of butterflies from pupa, to cocoons to beautifully grown ones. There are tour guides responsible to guide us around and do some talks about butterflies. Colorful butterflies are really enticing to my eyes!;)

Butterfly Sanctuary

After visiting the Butterfly Sanctuary, we hit the road going to the Hanging Bridge in Loboc. On our way, we're able to pass by Bohol's Man-made Forest, a very cool area in a Bohol municipality. And what do you expect? We again took a few pics that oversees the great view of tall trees. The area is so cool and makes me think of camping, Lol. ;)

Man-made Forest

We then proceeded with our journey to the Hanging Bridge in Loboc. It took a while before we finally reached our destination. Well, there are also a lot of tourists out there. And guess what? I was so surprised to see two hanging bridges in there. Way back, there was only one. Perhaps another hanging bridge was built to avoid the bulk of traffic crossing on it. At the end of the bridge, there are people selling Bohol products and delicacies. We crossed the 2nd hanging bridge when we got back.;)

Hanging Bridge

It was past 4:00PM and we're almost done. The last spot we visited was the Kanipaan Kingdom, the House of Tarsiers and Rare Animals. I only took the chance to take a pic of the tarsier unlike my two friends who took much time to see other rare animals inside. I am not really a fan of exotic and rare animals especially snakes, thus the reason why I stayed outside.;)

After that very tiring yet memorable tour, we went back to Tagbilaran City with so much joy in our hearts. Mang Ondoy dropped us at our official Tagbilaran Residence, the Darunday Manor along J. Clarin Street. We checked in and left our bags and stuff, and we headed to my Lola's house in Remolador Extension. After that quick visit to my 'lolas', we went to Island City Mall in Da-o and we bought some initial pasalubongs. It was 7:00PM when we got out of the mall. I toured them in some spots in the city - we went to Tagbilaran City Port that shows a great view of the Bohol Tropics at night, and also went to the Plaza, making them witness its great colorful fountain, plus a good sight of the Tagbilaran City Cathedral.

Day 2 of our Bohol stay is such a fun-filled experience for us. ;)

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