13 April 2011

Bohol 2011 Escapade: Day 1

March 1, 2011 - my friends Julie and Ciara and I got so excited! This day marks the start of our 3-day out of town trip in Cebu and Bohol. As early as 7:00am, we all headed to Davao International Airport, with our packed bags for our 9.30AM flight bound for Mactan, Cebu. When we finally got together at the airport, we immediately checked in and had our baggage surrendered to Cebu Pac crew so we could be baggage-free during our flight. After checking in at the counter, we led ourselves to Gate 7, our assigned pre-boarding area. Before reaching Gate 7, we first had our terminal fees paid and had ourselves checked by the airport's security personnel. As we went through the area, I can really see happiness in our faces with extra packs of excitement cos this is our first time together in an out-of-town trip and this is Julie's first time to go to Bohol. While we're still at the Davao International Airport, I was glad cos our Bohol tour coordinator, Maam Alou of Lovebohol Tours continuously checked on us. Minutes before our designated flight schedule, it was announced by the Cebu Pacific crew that flight 5-J598 bound for Mactan, Cebu will be delayed. Despite having its delay, we were never disappointed for as long as there will be a flight for us. We just made ourselves comfortable and took a lot of pics to pass the time.

Airport Scenes

It was already past 10:00AM when the plane that will take us to Cebu arrived. Because it was such a delayed flight, after the disembarkation of the passengers on that certain aircraft from their Iloilo flight, we were already lining up at the counter for ticket verifications in preparation for boarding time. After necessary verifications have been made, we together with other Mactan bound passengers immediately headed to the aircraft. And guess what? we still had time to take pictures! Even as we had ourselves settled inside the plane, we still took pics of us!;) And guess what? Julie being the youngest in the group, got the window seat, hahaha!

Airport and Cebu Pac moments

During the flight, the two girls were fascinated by the outside view from the aircraft window while I was taking in-between naps (I am prone to manageable motion sickness in-flight). Good thing about the flight? There's Julie who always has Cream-O cookies in her bag, hahaha! She saved me from becoming hungry!;) After an almost one hour flight and that's almost 11:30am, we finally reached Mactan Internation Airport in Mactan, Cebu. Again, we took quick pics at the airport. Because the flight was so so delayed, we had to rush to Pier 4 where the Supercat terminal is located for our 12:35PM trip bound for Tagbilaran City. With the help of our relatives (and I can't thanked them enough for being so accommodating whenever we're in Cebu), they picked us up at the airport, traveled a 20-30 minute drive, and dropped us off at Pier 4. Take note, we didn't have anything on our stomachs yet and twas already lunch! With bags in tow, we went to the Supercat Office, which is just near the Supercat terminal, had our text message verified to confirm that we're booked for the said trip, got our boarding passes, and off we went to the boarding area. Thanked GOD, we're able to take our seats (again!). Since we're so hungry, we bought bunwiches from Dunkin Donuts just inside the vicinity of the terminal. We waited for our few minutes while we had lunch. It was 12:30pm when we embarked inside the Supercat ferry that will take us to Bohol. At exactly 12:35pm, we left Cebu City bound for Tagbilaran City. Since the trip would take almost 2-hours, we found time to take more pics, and most importantly took our naps because of the ala-Amazing Race moments we experienced earlier. ;)

Supercat Moments

It was past 2:00pm when we finally arrived at the Port of Tagbilaran City. I was glad it wasn't raining in the city despite the light downpour during the trip in between Cebu and Tagbilaran. For first timer Julie, and the rare Bohol visitor but with a Boholano blood, Ciara, I just can't allow not to take pics of them while they first set foot to Bohol on that very day. I even took a pic of myself, my first Bohol visit in 2011. ;)

Welcome to Bohol!;)

Too much excitement was in store when we first set foot in Tagbilaran. This brought excitement in my part because even if I am a frequent visitor in Bohol (i visit Bohol at least twice a year), this was actually my first Bohol travel with friends, and my first time to stay overnight in Panglao (a dream come true for me!). After a while, we went outside to look for a Lovebohol Tour staff who's solely responsible for our tours. And we're surprised to see all these:

We were given a warm welcome by Sir Ondoy!;) Looking at the Toyota Avanza itself as our "ride" for the day, we really felt like we're real tourists, very rich tourists, hahaha! We immediately gave a first hand to our customized itinerary since we're trying to fit everything in 2 days.

Our Bohol Day 1 Itinerary is the "Panglao Tour". From Tagbilaran City, we headed right away to the Island of Panglao which is just a few minutes away from the city. I just love strolling along Bohol streets even in municipal areas because they're so clean and green plus there are big houses found in rural areas. I was told by my Bol-anon mom that these big, beautiful houses are owned by Bol-anons who live overseas (because Bol-anons are said to be pioneers and travelers in other places) but still set their hearts on their native land and get to go home annually.

Going back to our itinerary, our first stop was the Dauis Church, one of the old stone churches in Bohol (Bohol is famous for big old churches). We got inside the church and found great architectural designs inside. I love the ceilings! They are great works of art! In the altar, I noticed a small walled area and later discovered it's Mama Mary's Well. A well in the church altar is just so rare! We took a peek at the well and it's a deep one. I can even hear the splashing of water inside when a coin was thrown there. We were told by the church staff that the water from the well is being patronized by the sick. We got each a bottle of water taken from the well and we also donated a little amount of money for the church.

Dauis Church Visit

After Dauis Church, we headed in the neighborhood and went to visit Bayoyoy who's said to be famous and is frequently visited by tourists and famous local celebrities. "Bayoyoy" is the smallest man at 64 who's been diagnosed with Dwarfism. We just took a short visit because at that time Bayoyoy was having his tantrums and it's time for him to sleep.

Visiting Bayoyoy

When we're done with our visit to Bayoyoy, we hit the road to Bohol Bee Farm. I got excited because it's my first visit there and I heard so much about Bohol Bee Farm as told by the famous cousin celebrities Sunshine Cruz-Montano and Geneva Cruz in their tweets! The road leading there is a bit rough and bumpy but it really pays enough to be patient. When we got there, we're welcomed by the warm smiles of the staff. Unfortunately, no buffet meal was served. I heard their breakfast meals are the best in town! They also serve organic foods for the palate. To beat the heat, we instead bought their amazing organic ice creams served in cab-cab cones!;) I got myself a malunggay flavor which tasted so awesomely! We roamed more on the premises of the farm and took some more pics. Too bad we're not able to take pics with I think the son of the owner who's amazingly gorgeous, hahaha!

Bohol Bee Farm pics

It was almost 4:00PM when we headed to Hinagdanan Cave. Sir Ondoy payed the entrance and parking fees and then we went down the cave. We were greeted by cave guides who are also great photographers! They ushered and accommodated us so well inside while taking our beautiful pictures too! We were just warned to be cautious because wet floors can be slippery and dangerous.

Hinagdanan Cave Adventure

Done with Hinagdanan Cave visit, off we went to Bingag Ostrich and More (still in Dauis, Bohol) which houses a variety of animals from snakes to ostriches, monkeys, leopards, owls, and many, many more! It's like a mini-zoo inside. Special thanks to the caretaker who gave time to introduce us to these creatures inside and who patiently assisted Julie and Ciara with their Phyton encounter. Yours truly is really not a fan of these type of animals that's why I only had less encounters with them.

Bingag Moments

It was almost dark when we left Bingag Ostrich and More and Sir Ondoy led us to our last stop for our Panglao Tour, the Panglao Church. Since it's almost night time, the church doors have been closed already. We're not able to get inside. Instead, we took pics inside the vicinity of Panglao Church and even took a pic of the old, old bell tower.

Panglao Church Visit

After the whole afternoon tour, we still can't find ourselves tired with all that had been for the day. After visiting Panglao Church, we were dropped off at Dumaluan Beach Resort where we had a room reservation for the night. We're really thankful to Sir Ondoy for being too patient with us. Dumaluan Beach Resort is known to be a quiet, place with only a few beach people settled in there and I was told it's one of the great Panglao beaches with fine, white sands and a nice beachfront. It was already 8:00pm when we're finally nested in our air-conditioned room. We changed clothes, arranged our things, and went out for dinner. We walked a few steps along the beach line til we reached a food haven that offers a not so-so pricey meals. We got the Grilled Platter at the price of P600. It took a few minutes before our food was served. We didn't get bored though because we just took time to savor the fresh air at the beach plus the fact that it's a great chance for us to experience taking our dinner at the beach.;) We're not even disappointed with the food. We got so full, did satisfy our palate and the price was just right. After dinner, we walked along the shore, loitered along the resort, til we finally decided to take a dip at the resort's pool before finally calling it a night.

Day 1 Panglao Tour is really very 'sulit' and we enjoyed every minute of it!;)

All pics are solely owned by ME, all of which are taken from my Multiply account.


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