02 April 2011

Body Pains!

The prize of being overly active in cleaning the bathroom? I got muscle pains all over ME!

Yesterday, I decided I should clean the bathroom since no one else is responsible to do it except me. Thank GOD and I was equipped with "kasipagan" yesterday and laziness didn't strike in. With hydrochloric acid plus other bathroom cleaners, I spent almost half of the day to scrub and brush everything inside. I've done squatting, standing too hard, and even sacrificing my legs and my back submitting myself to different positions which I got comfortable with.

The gain? We got a clean bathroom (again!).
What aggravated my leg and back pains? The previous workout I did which was Hip Hop Abs which I haven't done for many months but got back since the other day.
End result? I got back and leg pains!

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