05 April 2011

April 4-5 OFF Days!;)

Off days are here again! Yes, yes, yes!

I always feel delighted whenever it's an off day. At least I have days to rest, days to just do the things I'd love to do which I can't do during my workdays!;)

Yesterday, I spent the whole day sleeping, hahaha! I always do that whenever I come from a graveyard shift. In fact, I don't manipulate this netbook anymore which was the usual stuff I do when I arrived home from work. When I woke up, I suddenly felt hungry. I went out of the house just in my house clothes and look for something to eat. I bought "ginanggang". It's actually a banana being cooked under the warmth of a charcoal just like how pork barbecues are being cooked. Guess what? I consumed four big "ginanggangs" at the price of P20. After all the eating, I called up mom and we talked a lot for over an hour, sharing both sad and happy stories but of course, we dwelt on the happy stories more!

I retired for sleep at exactly 12 midnight since this net book was turned off for an apparent reason, Lol - I've viewed a lot of Youtube videos which this net book cannot manage because of the source of power/energy I've been using.

Today? I'm going to PRC for my professional license renewal which is expiring this month. Gotta have this renewed a bit earlier before it expires so I would not be able to experience problems later.

This is all for now and expect more blog updates from time to time!
Happy Tuesday everyone!

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