30 March 2011

A Visit to Paradise Island

Hey guys! I just wanna fill in the things you (probably) missed while I was away from the blogosphere, the very reason why I'm trying to post anything significant for me that did happen for real. ;)

It was sometime in January of this year, an off day at that, I was feeling so bored at home and didn't want to confine myself in the four walls of my room. I instantly sent a text message to my friend telling her if she'd like to go to the beach with me, just to pass the time. Alas! She also wanted to give herself a break after being stressful the past few days. We agreed we'll just have to buy a value meal from a fast food chain for take out and had it eaten at the beach. At exactly 11:00AM in the morning, we paved our way to Paradise Island Beach Resort in Samal via Paradise Island's ferry. The sun was too hot at that time but we enjoyed cruising on the blue waters heading to Paradise Beach Resort. We enjoyed the cruise just taking pictures and enjoyed the ride. We actually paid the whole trip ( I forget how much we paid for it) since I can't afford to stay longer to wait for other passengers who will be going to the same resort. As always, I got fascinated with the very nice weather that seemed to cooperate on that day and I can't take my eyes off on the wonderful clouds up above. Shortly after a few minute-ride, we're already in Paradise Island Beach Resort. We paid the entrance and found seats (with table) for us. The beach was a bit quiet at that time and it wasn't flocked with a lot of people since it was a weekday. I can only get sight of a few foreigners plus a few locals in the said beach resort. When we got settled in place inside the resort, we took a few minutes just embracing the coolness of the air and the pretty scenic view of the beach. After a few minutes, we immediately had our lunch courtesy of McDonald's. We also got a complimentary drink as part of the entrance fee and we got ourselves a fresh buko (fresh coconut juice in a coconut shell). I found the fresh buko juice so refreshing! After taking sometime to eat, we enjoyed the rest of the few hours just savoring the beauty of nature in the so-called Paradise Beach. I didn't plan to get myself wet and bathe on the sea water that's why my friend and I just took the time to enjoy the cool air and took a lot of pictures!;)

We spent the rest of the afternoon loitering along the premises of Paradise Island Beach Resort. We visited the Bird Country that houses some of the famous birds inside their cages. We also visited the resort's playground and we took some time in the swing area where we felt like kids again!;)

It was a pretty great day to spend our leisure time in the beach with the beautiful sun and clouds up in the sky, with the cool air around us plus with the sight of great nature at its best.

We went home just before sunset.

It was really an instant getaway worthy to be remembered.

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