30 March 2011

Valentines Date with Girlfriends

Valentines Day 2011 was celebrated memorably with my friends/colleagues. Too lucky that we're all on morning shifts and from that, we finally realized our plan- a group Valentine date. Well, we're all singles though except for one married friend who's husband is a seaman and one who's already taken and in a relationship but had chose to celebrate Valentines Day in a different date.;)

Our first destination- Davao City's Baywalk.
We just spent time loitering along its premises just having fun and laughing at our jokes. and take note, we're in our work uniforms, hahaha! Food? We ate fish balls, I mean a LOT of fish balls since it's way too cheap and delicious at that. After getting full with all that fish balls ( we consumed a lot really!), we took a series of pics and I was the photographer that time. I was just amazed with the beauty of nature participating with us in that area. Here are the pics we got at Baywalk:

Next stop- Only the four of us (some friends had to leave for family dates) made it to Dencio's Sa Hilltop, a restaurant nested on top of a mountain overlooking Davao City at night. We flocked in there joining some lovers and friends celebrating Valentines Day. We ordered foods that will definitely enjoy our palate and guess what, it was really so awesome that we've gone sooooo full after eating!;) I also loved the acoustic songs being played with a singer in it!;) Really so romantic that makes dating more romantic at the top!

It was indeed a fun and wonderful Valentines Date with my colleagues/girlfriends!;)
Sa uulitin guys!

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