27 March 2011

Surigao Adventure: Tinuy-an Falls

Note: This is a repost. Original post is located here.

Who would have thought that busy people like us could still get together for at least a day, away from the demands of our work? Thanks to RTours, for the assistance made from transportation, food, and even on touring us around the famous spots in Surigao, making all of it possible for us.

It was midnight of November 26 when we convened ourselves in DMC Canteen waiting for our ride that will take us to Surigao del Sur. We're all so excited even at the brink of dawn because of that anticipated long distance adventure. It was 2:00 AM when we left Davao City bound for Bislig, still a part of Surigao. It took 4-5 hours before we reached Bislig for breakfast. It was 7:00 AM when we tasted Surigao's pride for breakfast - Sinugbang Isda, Bulalo, Piniritong Isda - all of which are good for the palate.

After breakfast, we immediately paved our way to the Niagara Falls of the Philippines - the Tinuy-an Falls! Upon reaching the place, I personally got so amazed of it at first sight even from afar!

As we got in the premises, we got so awed with the view and we took pictures (and a looooot of them!).

Not satisfied with the view, we drew nearer the falls until we're ushered to take many steps up to be closer to the beauty of nature. And this is what we got up there.

We so enjoyed the beauty at the top and we spent hours just having fun!

We left Tinuy-an Falls with so much joy in our hearts but before the act of leaving, these peeps did try to ride on the raft and went under the biggest falls at Tinuy-an. ;)

It was almost 11:00AM when we left Tinuy-an Falls but every moment spent there will always stay forever in our hearts!:D

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