27 March 2011

Surigao Adventure: Maomawan Islet

Note: This is a repost. Original entry is found here.

Aboard on two convoy vans, RTours led us to another significant and beautiful spot in Hinatuan, Surigao which is the Maomawan Islet. When we reached Hinatuan proper (where we'll be taking our lunch), we were immediately ushered to a motorized pump boat that will take us to the islet. It was a 15-minute cruise along the sea waters of Hinatuan. We're gone tired and sleepy but within us, we're still overruled with excitement as to what's in store for us at Maomawan. Along the course of the trip, we're all so silent and some even took a nap. Oh well, it's not even possible to talk when I, myself was situated near the motor that runs the boat and what I could only hear was the loud noise coming from it! *grin* To pass away boredom, we just took some pics.


naiinip na si Ma'am?

Sleepiness noted!:D

As we drew nearer the place, the island became visible.

Until we docked at the island itself.
Of course, who couldn't resist taking pics right away on the beach front where the fine, white sands are all over the place? We took advantage of the time and the place itself and we got a loooot of pictures again!:D

We only stayed there for about 3o minutes. We didn't even swim because all became so hungry and can't wait for lunch.

We took another 15-minute ride back to Hinatuan Proper and surprisingly, lunch was served! It was really a feast to have unlimited crabs, shrimps, and rice (plus softdrinks) for lunch!

After more than an hour, we got inside the van again and we're on to our next final stop: a visit to the Enchanted River (still a part of Hinatuan municipality).

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