27 March 2011

Surigao Adventure: Enchanted River

Note: This is a repost. Original post is found here.

It was already 2:00PM when we headed to our last stop of our Surigao visit---> The Enchanted River. We traveled for like 30 minutes before we reached the spot. We're surprised because a lot of people were there to savor the beauty the nature has brought the Surigaonons.

Just as we arrived the place, we were like kids on the loose! We immediately took a pose on Enchanted River's landmark and took some pics.

After taking some pics, we immediately changed to our swimming clothes and off we went swimming, and testing the green-blue waters of the river. The water's gone cold but somehow, it was tolerable. We even had our life jackets on because the water is too deep!

We spent like almost three hours just swimming til it was time for us to head back to Davao. But before we left the place, we again took our group picture as our remembrance.

The entire Surigao Escapade that happened only on November 26, 2010 is very unforgettable and will forever remain in our hearts. It's an escapade worthy to be treasured and will always be a part of my OB Ward experience.

Special gratitude goes to RTours for all the assistance which made our travel worth the while!:)

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Pinoy Travel Pod said...

Enchanted river is really nice. I like the blue deep water. Will be there next week, thanks for your guide. :)