29 March 2011

The Queen's Meme #76 ~ The Prissy Meme

1. What is your favorite lipstick color and why? **'love the burgundy red color coz it best fits my lips ;)

2. How long does it take you to get ready to go to work in the morning? **I could get things done in an hour before getting off for work

3. Do you have your nails professionally done? Mani? Pedi? **Mani and pedi, they're both professionally done

4. Tell us about your latest spa experience - real or imagined. **I got this beauty parlor's package at an affordable rate. For a price of P500 (or closely about 10-12 USD), I already got a foot spa with a pedicure, a manicure, plus a hot oil treatment for my hair.

5. Is there something you'd like to change about your appearance? Would you ever have cosmetic surgery? ** No, cos I am born to be this way.

6. How do you take care of your skin? **just soap and water, and a little lotion after bath

7. Tell us your secrets for vibrant, shiny, healthy-looking hair. **oh, oh! My hair isn't that great these days. I used to maintain it by getting a hair gloss and a hot oil every 3-4 months however, my hair has been abused at work because I just need to get it so neat by twisting and turning it so hard and placed them under a hairnet at work. We're so required to do this every time we're at work which is so, so not good for my hair. :(

8. What is your favorite fragrance? **Bath and Body Work's Sweet Pea

9. Everyone has a certain color they love to wear. What is yours? **I love wearing green shirts and tops.

10. Do you have ink? **Ink what? Indelible ink or a pen ink?

11. How would you describe your personal style? ** I wear what I'm comfortable to wear. I am not a fashionista but I have some fashion sense though. Lol.


Sue said...

I prefer comfort to fashion these days too :)

Jamie said...

The best style of all is the one that makes you happy.

coopernicus said...

Green rules! and the mrs. is a Sweet Pea fan as well.

shakaku305 said...

Sweet Pea FTW!

Nessa said...

Green is my favorite color but i have to be careful becuase i'm a redhead and i don't want to look like a Christmas tree lol.