27 March 2011

Palawan Escapade: Day 2

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November 9, 2010 was Island Hopping Day in our Palawan 2010 Itinerary. As early as 7:00AM, the van fetched us and took us to the port where it will lead us to Honda Bay. It's already past 9:00AM when we arrived at the port after a series of stopovers in the city, and guess what? we've gone sooooo excited! After paying the fees and some negotiations, off we went exploring the Honda Bay Islands!

First Stop: LuLi Island

Since it's way too hot and our skin might get burned, we religiously put on an ample amount of sunblock on our skin. After a few minutes, we reached LuLi Island- the island that can't be seen from afar when there's a high tide but becomes visible during low tide, thus where the name of the island was derived from. Accordingly, this is a privately owned island and we saw caretakers there. We payed a 50-peso entrance fee and we explored the island. The island is so quiet with calm waters surrounding it. We took pictures and stayed there for a few minutes. Special thanks to the boatmen for taking pics and for giving great ideas in photography. :)

Second Stop: The Starfish Island

After staying for quite some time at the LuLi Island, we next headed to the Starfish Island. We're not so surprised anymore why it's named as the Starfish Island. Even before disembarking the boat, we already saw plenty of starfishes on clear sea waters. After paying our 50-peso entrance fee, we readily took some pictures. We even took some starfishes out of the water and made them as props in our photos, however we have to return them back after a while so they'd still be alive.

Since we've grown so hungry and could no longer bear the scorching heat of the sun, we decided to go to our next stop: The Snake Island.

Third Stop: The Snake Island

No, there are no snakes in the island just like the starfishes at the Starfish Island!;) Kidding aside, it's named as the Snake Island because of the beautiful snakey stretch of its beachfront!:)

Certainly, this is really my best pick among the four island included in the Island Hopping Package we got. After disembarking from the boat, we immediately look for a vacant cottage and settled ourselves there. And take note, this is the only island with cottages in it and this is the only island where foods can be cooked. Good thing, the boatmen did the cooking at an extra fee while we loitered ourselves on the island. Again, we took pictures! After getting the signal that lunch was ready, we went back to our cottage. We had an indeed burpy lunch with seafoods in stores for us. After an hour, we had our snorkeling stint. Using our rented snorkeling gears, we fed the fishes using the loafs of bread we bought just meant for them. It was soooo amazing having to see them all in different colors! The island is so rich with those type of small creatures! They would even tickle your feet, lol!;) We spent many hours until it was time for us to move to the fourth and last stop of the getaway which is the Pandan Island.

Fourth Stop: Pandan Island

It took a few minutes before we finally reached Pandan Island. This time, the sun became so friendly and we had the time to swim. I simply adored the fine, white, sands in the island. It was nearing high tide that's why we enjoyed swimming. We only stayed here for a few minutes since it's almost 5pm.

The entire Island Hopping was so 'SULIT'! I did enjoy every minute of it spent with friends. Indeed, it's one unforgettable experience worth keeping!;)

Here are the pics incurred during our Island Hopping Getaway:

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