27 March 2011

Palawan Escapade: Day 1

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Our Palawan trip was quickly planned. We only arranged it for like one month, and the communication for negotiations were only done online. Thanks to our friend who's based in Australia for taking charge of the planning - our fare, accommodation, and package trips! The five of us were all excited for that anticipated 3-day trip!

All five of us headed to the Davao International Airport on November 7, 2010, despite one friend who was sick at that time who's still set to go. Originally, we're set to leave Davao for Manila via Airphil Express at 8:00PM. However, it was delayed because of the rainy Manila weather and was set to 11:45 PM. We were even told that we no longer had our seats to that said flight because we arrived late during the boarding time though we managed to line up to the check-in counter earlier before the closing time. We patiently waited for hours until such time that we're informed that we'll be accommodated on PAL's Davao-Manila flight as chance passengers which will leave at 10:00PM, earlier than Airphil Express. Without much hesitations, we took the PAL flight instead and yours truly was lucky enough to get a Mabuhay Class accommodation which I later offered to my sick friend. It was past almost midnight when we reached Ninoy Aquino International Airport. We took a cab and stayed in a hostel near the airport, to make ourselves comfortable before our early morning flight bound for Palawan. Around 6AM in the morning of November 8, we immediately headed to NAIA 3 for our domestic flight bound for Palawan. We took our breakfast at the airport shortly after we finished checking in. Funny cos we almost lost the flight after taking too much time to eat and had our umbrellas checked in (we thought umbrellas can be part of our hand-carried baggage). My friends who got back to the check in counter to include those umbrellas in the checked in baggage had to run as fast as they could so they wouldn't be able to miss the flight. Thank GOD, they arrived just in time at the pre-boarding area. It was exactly 8AM when we left Manila bound for Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. It was a one hour flight and I was surprised that it was raining at the island when we arrived at 9:00AM. Good thing, Airphil Express had their umbrellas for us. We took the chance to take pictures with the aircraft as the background while we're using those orange umbrellas provided.

From the airport, we're fetched by the van we hired that will take us immediately to our first tourist destination: Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. Prior to the 50km travel going to Sabang, we stopped by at a certain government office that will give us the permit to visit the Underground River. After getting our permits, we're set to go! It was really one hell of a ride because of the many zigzag roads plus the fact that we're just done with our flight (some were still on a jet-lagged mode!). Personally, I was nauseated at that time and my friends did vomit! The driver ran the van too fast because according to him, we should be there in Sabang at lunch time. True enough, we reached Sabang, the gateway to the Underground River at about lunch time. Fees have been paid first before we took our buffet lunch that costs P200. After lunch, we were immediately guided to the boat, that will take us to the Underground River. We really enjoyed the boat-ride for how many minutes as our eyes feasted on the wondrous naturey sights as we passed by them while traveling. We finally reached mouth of the Underground River and we're welcomed by photographers and co-tourists. Then we're being ushered to the mouth of the cave where the Underground River is located. And yes! I personally got amazed with the beauty of nature in there! Too glad we had a boatman who get to speak in Cebuano and we got along well with him all throughout our 4.5 km boat ride inside. We got so many pics there however sad to note that we lost the camera we've been using as our official camera for the entire getaway to some dishonest people!

Here are the official souvenirs we got from the Underground River!;)

After that afternoon trip to the Underground River, we headed back to the city and we've grown so tired that we slept during the 50km ride back to Puerto Princesa. We were dropped at the Ysabelle Mansion, our official residence during our Palaway Getaway Adventure! We dined at KaLui's before we finally called it a day!

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