28 March 2011

Discernment & Decision

I've been posting entries bout lost friendships and all that and all these pertains to one person I've been claiming as someone important to me for over a year. Yes, the friendship was great but it had ended after 6 months. It ended because I was blamed for no sound reason. I chased the friendship but to no avail, he's not getting me back. He didn't reclaim the friendship. Sad and hurting, yes it is. However, over some periods of discernment even if the hurt's there, I'm placed into an awareness that it's not giving me any good. I mean, my friend Beth is so right when he said that why would I chased someone, shed tears for the lost friendship, when the person didn't even manage to chase nor shed tears for me. She's so true with those words and I got even more inspired when my friend told me that I deserve to meet great people who deserve so much of my friendship and love. I also got an answered prayer right at that moment! I really THANKED GOD for allowing me to see the reason why I should stop communicating with him and why I should get past over him.

Realizations came in until now. It still is painful but I know things will gonna be better for me pretty sooner. I mean, there are lots of priorities to attend to.

I just hope and pray that this will be over soon.
I know this will be over soon.

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