30 March 2011

Day Off at Last!

Yes! It's a day off for me for two days which officially started yesterday and I thanked GOD we weren't that busy in our shift. But oh my! I was really too sleepy yesterday. After work, colleagues and I indulge myself to a 50-peso Egg breakfast buffet at Taste of Malaysia in Lanang and I was really feasting on their Maja Blanca. I landed up eating 3-4 slices! After breakfast, headed back to our workplace at almost 10am (and we're still sleepless!) to submit ourselves for biometrics. Yes, it was successfully done which I hope we could start implementing in the next few months. At half past ten, I went to see a doctor because I've been wanting a doctor to auscultate my lungs since I've been having a cough for almost 3 weeks now. It isn't disturbing though but it's really non-productive. Yes, I was auscultated and submitted myself for chest xray on that particular day plus, I was prescribed with medications. But what's shocking to me was my BP taken yesterday at the clinic! Would you believe that I got 120/90mmhg? It isn't pretty normal for me cos I used to have low blood pressures that ranges from 90/60-110/80. I am considering though that I was too stressed out yesterday plus the fact that I was so full with breakfast.

When I got home, I immediately hit the sheets! 'Woke up occasionally but still I manage to get 5 interrupted hours of sleep. It was about 5Pm when I woke up. That's when I took time to really cook and defrost the fridge. Since I got so caught up with my high blood pressure and I knew I was having a sedentary lifestyle, I tried my best to get back into exercising! I finished a 30-minute Hip Hop Abs workout which I emulated through DVD, then I spent time doing some weight exercises using our improvised dumbbells.

I tried surfing online for about two hours but I got so drowsy which is why I get to accomplish this entry just now.

Well, today's my Day 2 off day (and will resume work tomorrow). I plan of going to PRC to have my license renewed plus I think I'm going to participate in a badminton game with colleagues later.

I hope everything's going to be well for me and for my heart.

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