06 December 2010

2011: A New Uniform Year For Us

It's almost been two years since we've been using our white uniform. We are told that the uniform we've been using will be good for two years. Oh my, how fast time flies! And next year? We'll be changing our uniforms again, and that would mean, another amount to be deducted from our pockets. Oh how I really wish nursing scrubs would be our next preferred uniform!

By the way, I've really wanted to have scrubs as our nurse uniform. I can't forget the time when I was obliged to instantly report for work and since I haven't laundered my uniform yet, I was told I could use my scrubs. And guess what? I felt really comfortable on it. It's hassle-free and you won't get afraid getting dirty on it. Even if I had gone busier at that time, I just felt so comfortable because of the scrubs I was wearing.

For now, I am still keeping my fingers crossed hoping that my hopes will be addressed upon. I mean, working with nursing scrubs could be easier plus the fact that it won't cost much owning pairs of it. I knew there are cheap scrubs out there.

Well, it's Christmas anyway and I hope this Christmas wish will be granted.

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