03 November 2010

Lovin' Quality Time with Family

In my age right now, I have thoroughly appreciated each quality time spent with my family. That despite the trials we are facing, we still manage to combat them and thank GOD, we're still intact. This proves that despite some misunderstanding that we had, the family still matters the most to us.

These days, family gathering becomes frequent which I so appreciate! I am just thankful for having wonderful parents which I'll always be proud of, because they always find time to spend quality moments with us. I thank my Dad for being the financial provider for every precious moment spent.

I was lucky enough last weekend because my work sked cooperated. After my morning shift last Saturday, the 5 of us including my darling niece and my maternal cousin, headed to SM and watched a movie. We got to watch 'RED' starred by Bruce Willis. Tired as I was to the point that I slept in some parts of the movie, I still got this inner joy in my heart as I went to sleep on that day. The next day, I was surprised when I learned that we'd be having our videoke session. That Sunday night was really fun family moment to boast of.

Really I am very grateful for the gift of family - my family which can never be trade of for anything!

I LOVE you, my family!;)

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