19 November 2010

I Missed Blogging!

I've really missed blogging. Again, my apologies for being so neglectful on my part. Work skeds, trips, some minor worries - they all kept me away from updating! Gosh, it's been 2 weeks since I haven't updated! So guilty really bout it.

Where was I for two weeks?
Ok, shoot! Will tell. I was in Palawan last November 8-10, 2010 & I was having a whole lot of fun with my nursing school buddies. Thank GOD really for the gift of friendships! Sad part though was we LOOSSST the cam that captured most of our escapades to some dishonest fellows! However, it was a blast and we never regretted anything despite the lost cam.

When I got home from that wonderful getaway, I was faced with too many AM shifts that kept me from the cyberworld for a couple of days. When I finally had my off day last Tuesday, my niece also celebrated her 11th birthday with us and again, family went to another day out at Emar's Wavepool in Matina. End result? I've become dark but I think being tanned is the best description to the skin color I got to own now.

I'd really wanna make up for the days I never get to blog.
I hope I can update from time to time starting today!;)

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