17 October 2010

Unforgettable Pinoy Tearjerker Films!

This afternoon is different among all my Sunday afternoons. It's the day I shed tears by just watching two movies in a row! Beat that? Thanks for today because I didn't get any work duty (it's an off day!). I woke up from a graveyard shift and immediately, turned on the TV here in my room.

Getting a first glimpse of Judy Ann on TV made me thought that it must be the movie I'd loved to watch over and over again. True enough, it really was! I made myself comfortable and watched the entire film. Oh well, I was shedding some tears (as expected!). I was in love with Piolo Pascual's personality in the film that I even thought of having someone like him. I loved the 'togetherness' they shared as they both paved their way to Banawe then to Sagada in the film. I've realized that one can actually be drawn to each other when they've shared moments together. I was still in tears when the movie ended up.

The next movie was shown was another tearjerker! This time, it's entitled 'One More Chance', another movie flick when it was released by Star Cinema. As usual, it was again about L.O.V.E. and giving chances on love. Being the emotional person that I am even if I got impressions that I am one of the strongest women known, I was again into tears! I loved the great lines being mentioned by the lead stars. Plus, the theme song of the movie was also great which was performed by Mr. Piolo Pascual. I found the movie so realistic because this type of love story happens in the real world!

Whoa! What really great films to make my afternoon right! It made me realized that I still should believe in love even if I am quite disappointed with love for a very, very long time.

If I'd get to choose which Pinoy films should I watch over and over again, I'd still pick on these two! Kudos to the makers of these films!

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