28 October 2010

Nicey Thursday! =)

Despite heading home almost 2AM this morning after a toxic pm duty shift and despite my being sleepless, I still managed to make my Thursday great!

I was on a 'ngarag' mode when I checked on my phone that read 8:05AM and I had a wedding to attend at 8AM. Quickly, I took a shower and fixed myself. It really took me so long to get myself prepared because of some interruptions. Anyhow, I got to the wedding reception venue past 10AM and the program just started. I was caught with the newlyweds dancing to the tune of 'So Close', which is one of my favorite songs. It almost got me teary eyed seeing them with their glows in their eyes on how much they really love each other. I am so much happy for the girl because finally she found someone who really deserved to have her. I even forgot to take a pic of them dancing because I was so amazed just watching them danced. I felt honored having been invited as a guest to witness their vows together in marriage. My best wishes to you guys!;)

I left the reception venue with Ate Ces, a person whom I crossed paths with in SPMC. We went to Basti's Brew and we talked for like almost 2 hours!;) We had a great conversation and I learned so much from her!=) So nice to have bumped into her, I found an instant and real person in her.

'went home past 3PM happy. :)

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