09 October 2010

Fun Filled Friday

I should have posted this last week BUT I got so busy. Thus, I am posting it now.

Two Fridays ago, it was an OFF day. Happiness was all over me because it was the day when my family realized our plan of watching 'The Legend Of The Guardians: The Owl Of Ga'Hoole' on a 3D Cinema. I got so excited because my niece was also with us. We hit the movies with popcorn in our hands on their 6.20PM slot. I really felt comfortable during the whole time while watching because we got the upper deck which is way a bit expensive compared to the lower deck. And the happiest person inside the movie house? It was my niece! :D I also felt happy inside because it was the first time all of us went to the movies with her. Despite the cold temperature inside the cinema, I did enjoy watching the film on 3D.

After watching the film, my family went home except for me who's having another appointment on that same night: a night-out invitation with new friends at work. I arrived past 10PM and they already started singing. It was indeed a night of FUN and LAUGHTER worthy to be remembered!:D

I went home still HAPPY!:D

Photo Credits: Filmofilia.com

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