04 September 2010

Words From The Heart

To some who really knew me, to some who get to witness how I am each and everyday but never get to talk to me, or impressions maybe, I knew I am considered differently. In other words, I knew I am always perceived as somebody bad. I can't correct them for that. They are all entitled to their own opinion. BUT if they could only grasp what's inside my heart, then they'd probably know why.

I've been through a lot of struggles and trials, I shed so many tears, had my heart broken too many times not for my own sake, but to no avail, I still emerge as somebody different.

I just need these people to ever realize that what I am doing is not for my own self and is not stemmed out of selfishness. All I am doing is solely for them, all meant for them.

Sometimes I think of getting away and move out.
So they may learn to play the game of life themselves.

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