03 September 2010

When Time Seems To Stop One Fine Night

I was too busy Facebooking when suddenly I was confronted with thoughts concerning my future. It seemed like the time had stopped that one fine night. It made me discerned over such life's matters until I was able to formulate thoughts that stemmed from how I was really feeling from the inside. Seriously, I've been trying to reflect on how my life has been and how my life would be. It made me think about either nurturing that patience in me or taking all the risks and get to surpass everything. I was thinking too hard until I finally concluded this:

"If only I could choose where I am at, I would possible be somewhere I wanna be. However, I still believe that it pays enough to wait and let patience rules. I know someday, soon, everything will fall into place in accordance to God's plan for me. I always and will always rest my case to GOD no matter what."

I just hope I'll always be guided with the One Most High.
So Help Me GOD.

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