29 September 2010

Three Days OFF from Work

I surprisingly got three (3) off days since Saturday until Monday of this week. A colleague requested that we exchanged work shifts on different dates. I used to think I got bored doing nothing on my off days. I even think spending time online isn't worth it cos I might just have eye discomforts again. However, I've learned to embrace my off days lately because I can do things I haven't done in my normal working days and the best feeling I always get? I am fully recharged once I get back to work.

Last Saturday wasn't a wasted day. I went to visit 1st Asia's Bird Fair together with my sis and her friend (I am going to write another post about it). I had fun during that day. The next day, I cleaned the house and I got to convince my brother to help me clean our canal which was then being clogged. It was a very tough job to do and I had body pains. My consolation? I've gone strolling with my sis inside the mall, we ate, and we bought something home. On my 3rd off day, I chose to just stay home to minimize expenses I could have incurred. I spent hours online, just browsing interesting pages. I also got a good night sleep!

I thank GOD for this opportunity such as my off days!

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