14 September 2010

The Queen's Meme #52 ~ The Meet Up Meme

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #52
It's called The Meet Up Meme

I've given you 10 common places where "meeting" is the game plan. Simply answer the questions about your meet and greet habits. And don't be late for the meeting!
I have a dungeon you know.

And I know how to use it.

You are going to a....

1. Business meeting

Do you prefer a structured agenda with a time frame or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants brainstorming session?
**I want a structured agenda with a time frame. Fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants brainstorming session can be very draining and time consuming.
2. First Date meeting

Where are we going and what are we going to do? (Yes, I said you! **I'd like it to be in a bar or restaurant, not the candle light dinner though, where live acoustic music is playing. Or jazzy, classical music will do.

3. Coffee House with your best friend

Do you prefer a collegiate bookstore atmosphere with coffee and WiFi or a fancy restaurant with a beautiful display of expensive desserts? Oh. And what is your favorite coffee flavor?
** I'd like it in a fancy restaurant with expensive desserts!=) I love White Mocha!=)

4. Bar/Pub with friends
What is your poison? **a very catchy scent of my body spray!=)

5. Your old high school for a 25 yr. reunion
Who would you like to see the most after all these years? **I'd like to see my close friends way back in school, and also those 'haters' hahaha!=)

6. Blogger meet up
What is your fantasy blog meet up with your favorite bloggers? Where would you go and what would you do? **I'd still like it to be in a coffee shop with a WiFi where we can talk, take pics, and blog about our meet-up together in our very own blogs!=)

7. Google Search Bar
What are you searching for today?
** Send Me One Line lyrics from Spyro Gyra

8. Your favorite tattoo artist at the parlor
What is your next tattoo going to be and why? ** Oh, Oh. I don't have one right now. If I'd get myself a tatoo, I will just have a heart tattooed near my cleavage, haha!

9. AA or Al Anon Meeting
You are the designated driver to this function. What advice would you give a room full of folks who desperately need inspiration? **I'll ask them to relate their unforgettable lifetime stories. =)

10. An video podcast meeting with your mother or significant other who doesn't know about your blog
Tell us how you would introduce them to the blog that is you. **I will tell them I made a specific video or post solely meant for them, and I'll let them view it. =) I think I've done this with my mom where I made a slideshow of pics and got it posted here in my blog. Of course, I included messages for my mom too!=) About a significant other, I told him the link to my blog. I don't know if he ever get to read it. Uh, well.. I don't care for as long as the words came from my heart and they're all locked in there. =)

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