29 September 2010

One Fine Saturday

I was fortunate to have weekends as my off day. As expected, it did become memorable especially on that one fine Saturday.

Last Saturday was a 'gala or la-ag' day with my sis, including her friend Jen. I felt good because at least we're able to really bond as sisters which we rarely do because of conflicting work schedules. Early morning on that day, I was already informed that we'll be visiting 1st Asia's Bird Fair which was situated in Insular Century Hotel in Lanang. She told me to get things done after lunch so we could be on time as we meet her friend in a designated place. Knowing that my sister is too much engrossed with her hobby in photography, I got excited!

It was past 3:45 when we reached the venue of the said event. A lot of people were there. I saw very colorful booths with bird posters/banners in it and I was fascinated with how those posters were made. Colors were just so alive!

I saw real birds too! But only limited to a few.

I've learned that the said event was participated by different foreign nationals showcasing the beauty also of the birds found in their home country. Glad I was able to take a look at our Philippine National Bird - which is the Philippine Eagle. As we headed out of the venue, I was mesmerized in the said fair's photo gallery where it showcased the amazing photos of great professional photographers. Take note, some photos were considered sold already! We can't help but take a pic also of what's in there.

We finally got out of the fair's premises and found ourselves very hungry! We ate at Boyd's and had Meaty Jeff's Pizza and a carbonara recipe. Since my sis and I were craving for durian on that same night, we stopped by at a certain restaurant and satisfied our craving.

We finally went home, feelin' tired but so happy!

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