22 September 2010

My Interest in Web Hosting

When I gave birth to this blog 2-3 years ago, I instantly became interested with web hosting. I became interested with having a website under my name and not from any free web hosts. Having a personal website could drive more traffic and increases blog page ranks, which is a necessary requirement especially if one is interested to earn just by blogging.

However, my wanting to get a web host of my own did not materialize. I was having a hard time choosing a web host that would best serve my blog. Plus, I also take into consideration the annual cost it may give me. My dream of getting a web host was interrupted in 2009 when I no longer maintained a high page rank.

On July 2010, I was surprised that got a not so so high page rank again! This relives my idea of getting a web host. However, I considered being careful this time. I realized I should really need to read and take a research about the best web host to take. I must also be patient to read web host reviews to further enrich me with greater ideas on web hosting. I am now armed with hope that I could still get the best web host in town and finally get to own my blog!

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