09 September 2010

Inspired By A Stranger

I was on my way to work one fine night and I happened to have co-passenger who caught my attention. I took off my radio, kept my earphone and I listened to him talking to a girl friend. The girl told him that her life is a bit improved now compared to how her life was the years past back. She mentioned that at least now, she can still find time to study despite becoming a working student. I got surprised when this guy talked to her. He said why not her hardships become an inspiration for her to succeed. My heart was crumpled when he mentioned that GOD must really be present in our daily lives. Just like him who's I think working as a restaurant staff, he shared that even if he considered himself the busiest person in this world, he still finds time for God. He finds time to wake up early on Sundays so he could catch the early morning mass before work.

With this scenario, I was made to reflect on myself, in my relationship with God. I even feel that I am luckier compared to them because I was never a working student but I do admire the guy's drive to go on with life through sacrifices and his strong faith in GOD. With this, I came to realize that I should change the way I deal with the world, with my faith intact, with my relationship with God enhanced, and of course with my determination to sacrifice for the attainment of my success.

To someone I don't really personally know, my gratitude for the inspiring encounter I got.

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