14 September 2010

Holiday 9.10.10

9.10.10 was declared a holiday in the country. It signified the end of the Ramadan to our Moslem brothers and sisters. I was too glad I was having an off day on that very day!=) Thank GOD, my niece was here during that time and I already had plans in mind should she stay here early Friday.

We left the house past 12 noon. We went to Gaisano Mall and went straight to the Gaisano Cinemas to check out the time for the movie 'Despicable Me' on 3D. Unfortunately, we're a little bit late for the next showing. I decided we take the 3:30 time slot. We had our lunch instead at McDonald's and I allowed her to choose the foods she likes to eat. She had spaghetti, burger, french fries and a McFlurry while I got a chicken meal for me. We spent for like more than an hour inside McDonald's. I was glad we consumed all those.=)

After eating, we bought our movie tickets. Oh boy! Gaisano Mall Extreme Cinema is quite expensive! Upper deck costs 200+100 rental for 3D eyeglasses while the lower deck costs 130+100 rental for 3D eyeglasses. I opted to get the way cheaper lower deck. Since we're too early for the next time slot, I decided to treat her at Sonic Boom. We bought 20 tokens for the games and there she was, enjoying that moment!=)

Twenty minutes before 3:30PM, we bought popcorn then we headed inside the cinema. We easily found our seats and had ourselves settled inside with our 3D eyeglasses on. We had fun while watching the movie 'Despicable Me'. I knew my niece was having fun too because she's been laughing most of the time!=)

We went home past 5:00PM and I felt glad I made her happy in the same way as she made me happy, just by being together!=)

Until our next 'laag' time my dear niece!=)

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