07 September 2010

Dealing With Life

Photo Credits: Pyzam.com

Life they say is what we make it. Thus, we should make the most out of life for we only have one chance to live in this world. It's up to all of us of how we live the life we got. Either you make it fruitful or make your life such a waste. No one can ever rule your life except yourself. As they say, we are life's own drivers and we direct our own lives and no one else does.

As I go on with life, I knew I am lucky. I may have failed so many times but I boldly dare to take whatever risk I encountered along the way. I am just so lucky to have achieved something to be proud of. At least, it gave me happiness and it gave meaning to my life. I can't afford to live wasting my life. I can't dare to live without doing anything. I can't dare to live as if I am lifeless because I haven't done something. I ought to do something. I must do something. In so doing, life would be more meaningful. At least when I die, I would die peacefully because I knew I did something worthwhile.

How about you?
What have you done something to make your life meaningful and fruitful?
Or have you done something OR just live wasting your life?
Come to think about it. Reflect. Discern.

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