22 September 2010

Chocolates Are My New Bestfriends!

I can't stop from eating chocolates these days! Thanks to the sponsors who gave me all these as their 'pasalubongs' from the US and KSA. Since yesterday, I've already consumed the 3 Musketeers bar plus some Werther's Orginal Caramel Chocolates. I still have a white Hershey's bar inside the fridge. I also consumed a Galaxy chocolate this morning totaling to more than 500kcal. Now I am feeling guilty! I think I'm gonna bulge out again and add some pounds in my weight. Plus, OMG, can't help but think of my recurring migraine! I hope Mr. Migraine won't set in this time.

Despite the giga-calories I've consumed, I still hope I won't have migraine, and that I won't be getting heavier each day! I just so love and enjoy my moments with so-called new bestfriends!

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