22 September 2010

Abdominal Pain Strikes Again!

Last Saturday, I was experiencing abdominal pain again! It was the kind of pain I experienced three years ago where I was diagnosed to have dyspepsia. I recalled how I got so engrossed with work that I failed to take my meals on time resulting to an irritating abdominal pain. Last Saturday, I remembered I only consumed bread for lunch. I was even confronted by a colleague if I'd be satisfied with just bread for lunch. After an hour, abdominal pain occurred and it became persistent that I was sweating so hard unable to concentrate on my work. It gave me a sense of discomfort for more than 2 hours! The pain went away after I got my HNBB dose via IM. After such an ordeal, I decided to take my meals on time again and not to be too engrossed with dieting.

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