27 August 2010

Eye Problem & Migraine!

Photo Credits: OCAL

Photo Credits: here

Sorry. I was away for how many days now. Health wise, I just need to. A week ago upon rushing for work, I had a hard time finding my DTR card because of the terrible glare in my eye sight. I couldn't see straight and I was feeling dizzy. Immediately, I went to the Ophthalmology Office and luckily found a resident physician in the department. He examined my eyes & I was prescribed with a temporary eye irritation relief. I was told to go back if symptoms would persist. I was relieved all through out the day. That night on the same day, the same problem arose again and I couldn't see clearly. Worst thing that happened was, I got a terrible headache - the very main reason why I didn't bother to go online. I even missed celebrating the city's Kadayawan Festival because I devoted time to rest my eyes and my body. Last Monday, I sought consult to my mom's eye doctor and she told me my right eye is nearsighted while my left eye is purely an astigmatism. I was even told that I am already experiencing migraine attacks that best explained why I am experiencing 'glares' in my vision.

Currently, I am under medication. Next week, I will visit the MD again for reevaluation. She even suggested that I need to correct my nearsightedness and my astigmatism which I would willingly have to adhere.

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