07 July 2010

My Bet Is The Philippines' 15th President

I'm glad that my presidential bet won in the presidential elections. I just kept mum about it because I don't like to be involved in heated arguments because of politics plus the fact that it just saddened me when I heard negative comments about the then ordinary politician Noynoy.

Now that he's the Philippines 15th President, I still say 'Thank You' to his detractors because it challenged him to be the man that he is right now.

During the inauguration last June 30, 2010, I was very much attentive to the coverage on TV and got myself involved online such as Twitter & Facebook, including the latest news online. From the Aquino residence in Times Street, to the Malacanang Palace where he'd ride the car with then President GMA from there to Quirino Grandstand, then Quirino Grandstand where he took an oath, and him delivering his inaugural speech - I really did pay attention to all of those significant events. I was personally touch with his inaugural address. He delivered it just right and take note, in our very own Filipino language. I was deeply touched when he said he had forgiven his detractors - that I'm sure include those who created stories that he's suffering from severe depression. It was also a very humble statement when he said to the Filipinos, 'Kayo ang Boss Ko."

Looking at him then and now, he's still the same person with a good heart. From his posture, on the way he walks, the way he faces the media, I should say that he's better now.

To President Noynoy, I am one with you in changing the view of the world to the Philippines, the New Philippines! I am one with you when you say that our dreams will finally become a realization.

Mabuhay ka PNoy! :)

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