20 July 2010

A Friend's Mom Dies

I got so shocked when I got an FB message from my long time & elementary friend, Lanie M telling me that her mom was in a comatose state for weeks! I was told through that FB email that 60% of blood in the brain had gone clotted and the doctor informed them that her mom won't live longer. Reading her message gave me a sense of sadness since her mom & my mom were colleagues and became close friends.

Last Saturday, July 17, I got the chance to be in the hospital where her mom was confined. However, I've learned that she's already dead early that morning. I am grateful that I was told where her body lies in state.

Yesterday, my sis & I got the chance to visit her wake. It was also the first time I saw my friend after how many years. There, I was told about how it all happened and how it did happen so fast. At least I was able to hear from my friend that they've already learned to accept their mother's death cos they don't want to witness their mom being alive but is living in agony.

To my mom's dear friend & the mother of one of my treasured friends, may you rest in peace.
To my friend and the family she's left behind, I know you will always remain strong even at the thought that you're mom now lives with GOD in Heaven.

A sad reality though but acceptance plays the key to it.

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