07 July 2010

For Someone Whose Friendship I'll Always Cherish

I hope this would be the last, hopefully the last message & the last thoughts ever made for you so I could finally take myself to the road where I'm supposed to be, even without you hanging to what you once vowed as your pact for our friendship:

"I hope you do cherish your friendships even if I'm not part of it anymore. Do love them for all that they are. Don't treat them like the way you're treating me now. Sad to realize though that you never took the risk in saving my friendship with you but I know it did happen for a reason. Finally, I wanna THANK YOU for everything - most of all for the hurts and the pain - because I still get to value our friendship in my own selfless way even if I became unappreciated, been ignored, and had suffered the feeling of becoming unwanted. I should say I am still proud of myself because of how these made me to become the person that I am now."

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