11 July 2010

Cough + Colds = DISCOMFORT!

Photo Credits: Babble.com

I think I've posted last week that I was suffering from colds. Exactly a week ago, I bought a remedy for my colds which is a drug called 'Nasathera' and I found it deem effective because it made me sleep better and kept me away from sniffing around. I really thought I'd be feeling okay not until Friday this week when I felt that my throat had become itchy whenever I swallowed my saliva. From then on, I found myself always clearing my throat because of itchiness plus, whenever I cough (got a nonproductive one), my throat hurts so much! Colds have also recurred that spells an added discomfort on my part. For now, I am still forcing myself to drink more and more fluids cos I believe this would be of great help.

I just hope I'd be relieved from this discomfort the soonest possible time.

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