12 June 2010

Silence Hurts!

We argued. You've gone mad. Our friendship had gone shaken since then.

It's been months now. It's been exactly four (4) months since that incident - the incident which I didn't expect to happen. In these four months, I only wish for one thing - that YOU come out, say something about how you really feel, and decide whether YOU still want me as a friend or not. The reason why I still hope is because I still can't accept the whole fact that that supposedly simple yet a bit striking statement of mine could really put an END TO OUR FRIENDSHIP. I mean we've gone through a lot and we never faced any arguments until your mind was stirred with that one single statement I said.

Your SILENCE hurts. Don't you get that?
Your not wanting to communicate anymore also hurts.
But I still need you to speak out.
I want to know what's really on your mind.

If you come out in the open irregardless of what you say, only then I can find myself at peace.

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