11 June 2010


When I entered this once new ward assignment in January this year, I was a bit sad. Sad because I will no longer be with my Pedia family which I've learned to love and besides, I just went out from a heavy area with lots of patients then I'd be transferred to an area with more than 200 plus patients. I mean, where's justice in that?

I thought all my negative feelings will just do away after some adjustments. But I was wrong. I felt that my confidence level was down and I was never happy during those times.

Then realizations came in late.
I realized that I spent many times thinking bout those negative thoughts and it just gave me a headache, a heartache, got me irritated and pissed ---which were so unhealthy!

Instead of wasting my time on those stuff, it's time I change the way I think.
Now I am enjoying my job. I tried to make the best out of it. I am now more committed to my job and I am after helping my patients. I do not mind anymore about the environment for as long as I am faithfully and religiously doing the tasks required of me. After all, this is what I've lived for. Becoming an 'angel in the sickroom' is the role I have vowed to do for the rest of my life.

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