04 June 2010

Operation Canal Cleanup!

I was in the mood for watering the plants the other day when the sight of a stagnant canal near our house caught my attention. I drew myself near until I could get sight of the garbage in there. I really got pissed knowing that the house help who left us never cared to at least clean it up. With my determination to get rid of Dengue cases in our subdivision, I cleaned it up myself! I was surprised to see some trash thrown in there causing the water to be stagnated. Since it's way hard to pull the trash out because of the cement being encased in the canal, I started to push the trash on the other side so it could be taken out easily. I even lifted that heavy stuff used to cover the canal and oh boy, I felt like lifting a 10 kg-dumbell! I got this sense of fulfillment when I saw the water flowing freely in the canal.

My price for lifting some heavy stuff and cleaning the canal too hard? I have body pains all over my body which is needing a massage right now!

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